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I am Christina. I came across AVIVA’s METHOD in Hungary. With my husband, we had been trying for a baby for two years, but without success. Therefore, we decided to visit an IVF clinic, and went through a series of examinations. They discovered that my fallopian tube was blocked.

I had never had any kind of surgical intervention before, so I was horrified. I instantly knew that I do not want to be operated until I have not tried other natural means to try to fix my infertility problem.

This is when I discovered AVIVA’s METHOD. I attended the course and practised the exercises at home for about two months. And to our surprise, I could give my husband his most precious birthday present: a positive pregnancy test.

My son was born in 2005 and soon after my daughter in 2008.

Soon after moving to Britain, I have realised that AVIVA’s METHOD is not known here.

Therefore, I attended a long course to obtain my trainer certificate and would like to help all women who face fertility problems, have any kind of problem with their periods or face the symptoms of menopause.